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Order a Teamsuit (Sorry, men only)

Men's FIU Water Polo Suit

From TruWest, TruLon in navy with yellow stiching. "FIU" embrodered on the hip.

Each suit costs $21. ($16.50 for the suit + $1 stitching + $3.50 embroidery)

All suits will be brought to practice. Mailing is not included!

Preferably, click on a link below to use PayPal online credit card payment. Otherwise, bring a check to practice payable to Loren Pearson, include the player name if not on check and size on the memo line.

I plan to make the order on August 15, 2002.

F.Y.I. I am only charging costs--by ordering with the team, you save shipping!

Also, be forewarned TruWest Trulon Navy has a habit of fading to purple. Sorry, but they still are the best suits out there and fade less than the alternative.

Donate a ball, when you get your suit for $29

Buy a ball for your personal use for $29

Type of Ball

Size 22

Size 24

Size 26

Size 28

Size 30

Size 32

Size 34

Size 36

Size 38

Size 40

Size 42

Size 44